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Professionally assembled videos, inspired by you!

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Why should you build a personal brand using video content?


You record it.

We teach you how to record a video. You record it and sent it to us.


We assemble it.

We will trim the beginning and end, adding: a heading, coloured banners & subtitles. We then optimise it for your LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram.




Your video is now assembled, optimised and sent back to you, ready to be posted wherever you like!

What this means for you...

Editing video is a long-winded unavoidable process when creating video content. Luckily for you, we edit the videos so you don’t have to. This saves you countless hours of time per video that would have otherwise been spent trying to learn complex editing softwares. Instead, you can focus on growing your business, knowing that the stress and hassle of editing videos is taken care of!

It’s difficult to format your own videos to match each social media channel correctly and efficiently, however it is crucial to the success of your video. The more optimised the video is, the better it will perform on its given social media platform.

We ensure your videos are fully optimised for LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram using Headings, On-brand Colours & Subtitles. Your videos will begin to stand out from the crowd, getting users to stop scrolling and start watching your video content.

80% of videos on social media are watched without sound… let that sink in for a second. Imagine all the viewers you’re missing out on by not having subtitled videos. They just scroll past your video with not a care in the world.

We tailor your video content to be viewed by as many people as possible, including the ones who don’t turn the audio on when watching a video! Now you know the importance of subtitles heres what we do… 

We provide you with 2 fully edited copies of the same video, for each video you send us. Why 2 copies? There are 2 ways we subtitle your video: Hard Coded (Burned onto the video) & Dynamic subtitles (separate file called an .SRT). Learn more about what the differences are and when to use one over the other by clicking here.

Choose the perfect plan


Per month

10 minutes

of video

Includes a 30 min strategy session


Per month

25 minutes

of video

Includes a 1 hour strategy session


Per month

40 minutes

of video

Includes a 1 hour strategy session

What is 'Ongoing Support'?

We know all of this can seem overwhelming, especially when starting out. It’s difficult to know where to begin when creating video content. That’s why we’ve included ongoing support with each package.

When onboarding, we walk you through how to record your first set of videos, holding your hand at each step. Ongoing Support involves…

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